Lead Vocal: Chloe West

Chloe West - Lead Vocals

Chloe West – Lead Vocals

Chloe is a bursting bubble of talent, skill and personality. Since completing a Bachelor of Music in Australia in 2006 she has been performing and touring around Australia, NZ and Asia and most recently in Europe.

Over the past 6 years in Australia she been a session vocalist for Flume, Touch Sensitive, SWOOP, Random Soul, Husky plus many more, she has also recorded vocals for Australia-wide television commercials and series, including the successful series, Love Child as featured character and voice on the show in 2014.

She recently toured Australia, New Zealand and Asia supporting Basement Jaxx, Tommy Lee and performing as a feature vocalist with Hed Kandi Australia, Paul Young and Tony Hadley.

When the opportunity to get involved with this project Chloe came crashing through the doors full of enthusiasm, vitality and commitment. Her voice is astounding, which it has to be to recreate the Toto lead vocal, and her personality on stage is infectious.

Chloe certainly does know how to rock!

Keyboards and Vocals: Kev Armstrong

Kev Armstrong - Keyboards

Kev Armstrong – Keyboards

The solid foundation of our group, in the middle of everyone, stands Kev on keyboards. The complexities of each song for the keys is difficult to explain.

To switch from the ballads that showcase his skill in a faultless elegance, to the rocking speeds of the rock genres and then the unique sounds of Toto’s tracks, Kev quietly fulfils his role with no fanfare or spotlight.

But just for a moment, watch his concentration, and listen to what his instrument adds to each song. Keyboard plays a huge part in every Toto track, and Kev is up there with the best who have ever played them.

Kev has played guitar and keyboards in venues all over the world and spent many years working on cruise ships.

Favourite music: Steely Dan, Toto

Bass guitar: James Higginson

James Higginson - Bass Player

James Higginson – Bass Player

Taking the role of Mike Porcaro, we have London based player James Higginson, known to the band as ‘TC’.

The other musicians comment on how James’ natural feel drives the songs along creating an infectious groove.

James puts this down to his bass playing hero Pino Palladino.
James has been a professional bass player for the last decade.

Other projects: As a session bass player, James has been in function bands, performed on cruise ships and played in various shows at theatres around the UK.

Favourite Music: Toto obviously, Steely Dan, Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder



Tom Lark: Percussion & Backing Vocals.

Tom Lark - Percussion

Tom Lark – Percussion

Normally Tom is Horn Section Leader and Trombonist extraordinaire as part of the And Finally…Phil Collins show, but for this production he takes Percussion and Backing Vocals.

There is no doubt that Tom loves to be on the stage, playing directly to the audience with his infectious style at every opportunity.

Watching Tom up there, you can’t help but smile with him!

Tom began in local Big Bands in Somerset, before progressing to the professional circuit playing Soul, Funk and Latin nationally to great acclaim.

Tom holds a BA Hons in Band Musicianship, which led him to become a founder member of our band, and the leader of the And Finally Horns.

Favourite Music: Tower of Power, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Incognito, Fred Wesley
Previous Projects: Tom has worked with performers such as Yazz, Omar, Ray Davies, Kula Shaker, The Drifters, Jamie Johnson and Natasha Watts.

Lead Guitarist: Dan Angelow

Dan Angelow - Lead Guitar

Dan Angelow – Lead Guitar

Dan has been surrounded by incredible musicians his whole life.

His father is a guitar player as is his brother, and they’ve all been involved together in musical projects growing up.

When he was 19 he joined a well known touring theatre show, and after playing various tours around the UK and Europe, he ended up being the musical director.

During his time with the show, he has been a keen session player, and because of that Dan also became the guitarist for long lasting 80s rockers Doctor & The Medics, gigging all over the UK and Italy all year round.



Backing Vocals: Eddie Harper

Eddie Harper - Backing Vocals

Eddie Harper – Backing Vocals

Now in her 20th year of the music industry Eddie has created a reputation for delivery the highest quality backing vocals and occasionally lead vocals for Theatre based touring shows.

Her energy, enthusiasm and professionalism shine through in every performance she’s involved with.

Working alongside such renowned artists such as Bob Henrit, (Argent/The Kinks), Ray Hatfield (Wishbone Ash/Showaddywaddy), Jon Verity (Argent/Pheonix), Eddie has been involved in all of the recent Tim Harper productions and is truly part of the backbone of this line up of musicians.

She also brings a greats sense of fun to the show on and off stage, where there’s a laugh Eddie will be at the centre of it.

Drums: Tim Harper

Tim Harper - Drums

Tim Harper – Drums

The engine room of the band, Tim is happiest when he’s driving a song, locked into James’ Bass playing and recreating that special energy so symptomatic of Toto’s live performances.

After some 50 years in the music business this project rates as the most special for Tim, it’s his kind of music, complex with Classical overtones, Rock at its best with amazing vocal harmonies to add that special sound to the highest form of musical virtuosity.

He is in the company of the very best and has to work hard to match their abilities for this show.

Tim says; “Every musician on this planet respects Toto and their music, we hope we will recreate their performance at a level that all followers of this great band will appreciate.”


Totally Toto Stage Shot at The Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne on 11th October!

Totally Toto Stage Shot